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Artikelnummer: 01057


Semi-Automatic Direct Imaging exposer dedicated to Inner Layers, Outer Layers, Soldermask / PSR

  • Non-movable photo heads
  • Flexible technology upgradable on site : photo heads can be added at any time 
  • Highly engineered temperature regulation
  • Fast and easy LED replacement
  • 4 side panel auto mechanical clamping system
  • Fast preprocessing service in hidden time
  • Vision lighting designed for different materials and finishing
  • Traceability : serial, date, QR code…
  • Partitioning mode for multi panel printing
  • Machine built with appropriate selection of material
  • All in one built-in system
  • Etching offset : possible to adapt the size of printed graphic objects
  • Adjustable panel vacuum strength
  • Automatic vacuum fitting all size of panels 
  • Front to back registration without UV lasers
  • Edge/corner panel detection


Inner Layers, Outer Layers & Soldermask / PSR

Exposure Area

From 228 x 254mm up to 610 x 762mm | From 9’’x10’’ up to 24”x30”


Dry Film : 20µm/20µm | 0.8mil/0.8mil (Line & Space)
Soldermask : min Dam 25µm | 1mil

Light Engine

ALDS-Power4+™ Data preprocessing in hidden time
High UV Power with 4 LEDs per Photo Head


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