KAWA GmbH exists since 1989. What started back then in the sitting room of Mr. Tadeusz Kawa, the founder of the company, as a small trading business with some materials for the production of PCB, in the course of three decades developed into an internationally renowned trading company doing business world-wide with used equipment and materials for the production of PCB and with PCB themselves.

For many years the trade with PCB was an integral and major part of the company. Due to the market developments in the course of time this aspect of the company faded out more and more and nowadays makes up just a very small part of business activities.
Today the trade with used PCB equipment is the company´s core business.

Situated in the small historical town of Aldersbach near Vilshofen and Passau in Lower Bavaria, Southern Germany, KAWA GmbH has become a permanently reliable partner for all of the PCB producing industry. Especially in Poland KAWA GmbH is well known and appreciated. Over the years very close ties have been established with a company based in Elblag called Printed Circuit Board Technology Spolka z o.o. (short: PCB). PCB, which Mr. Bartosz Kawa is a co-owner as well.
Printed Circuit Board Technology, even though utterly independent, in some areas functions like a branch office of KAWA GmbH. From there the Polish and the Eastern European markets are primarily being supplied, serviced, watched and analysed.
In Poland KAWA GmbH is the sole distributor of the following companies: Lackwerke Peters GmbH + Co KG, P.S.E. Werkzeuge & Maschinen GmbH, Ernst Lenz Maschinenbau GmbH, ahk service & solutions GmbH and POLA e MASSA Srl.
Additionally PCB Technology is the sole distributor of the Japanese company ALMIT, which provides products for the assembly industry. PCB also trades in used PCB machines.
In closed co-operation with these companies and other machine manufacturers  technical service is being supplied to all our customers whenever the need arises. KAWA GmbH maintains two warehouses for used equipment for the production of PCB in Aldersbach. You are welcome to take a personal look at the equipment of your choice.


Our Team


Bartosz Kawa

General Manager
Tel: +48 601 881 366


Branch Office Aldersbach


Bernd Berger

Employee Aldersbach
Tel: +49 8543 918546-0


Bernd Berger


05/1989    Foundation of KAWAM Electric devices

10/1990    Change of name to KAWAM Industrievertretung

06/1994    Foundation of Tadeusz Kawa – Trade with PCB and Materials for the production of PCB

Gradual accumulation of agency rights for Poland:
- Lackwerke Peters GmbH + Co KG
- Enthone GmbH
- P.S.E. Werkzeuge & Maschinen GmbH
- Ernst Lenz Maschinenbau GmbH
- ahk service & solutions GmbH- Maschinenbau GmbH

05/1998    Outsourcing of PCB trade to: KAWA Leiterplatten Vertriebs GmbH
Bartosz Kawa become co-owner

08/2001    Change of name from KAWA Leiterplatten Vertriebs GmbH to: KAWA GmbH  -  Leiterplattentechnik / Industrievertretung

09/2007    Bartosz Kawa is appointed General Manager

04/2011    The trade with used PCB equipment becomes the core business of the company.
This is followed by taking over the complete machinery of numerous PCB factories in Germany and abroad

01/2012    Tadeusz Kawa retires and leaves the company.
Bartosz Kawa becomes the only owner and general manager

2011-2015    During this time a close cooperation developed between LPM-Vertrieb of Mr. Hans Diercks and KAWA GmbH. Initially the cooperation was limited to several projects. Due to this excellent cooperation it was decided to work together even closer and execute all purchases and sales together. This lasted from Spring 2012 until August 2015 when Mr. Diercks retired

We are looking forward to a close cooperation with you !
Best regards from Bavaria

Bartosz Kawa
General manager and owner 


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