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Altix ACURA Premium

Altix ACURA Premium
Item No.: 01061

Fully-Automatic double sided exposer dedicated to Inner Layers, Outer Layers, Soldermask / PSR

  • Innovative light sources LedLight™, ColliLight™ 5kW x 8kW, Mach 5®
  • Panel size up to 610mm x 762mm | up to 24" x 30"
  • HDI compatible, resolution down to 15µm | 0.6mil Line & Space
  • Very accurate registration ; AW/AW: ±5μm | 0.2mil
  • High productivity up to 4.5 panels/minute
  • Advanced off-contact management
  • Smallest footprint : 3,6260mm (W) x 1,745mm (D) x 1,859mm (H)
  • Dual screen HMI for optimized operator control
  • Upper-rocking frame for easy cleaning 
  • Mechanical stability over years


Inner Layers, Outer Layers & Soldermask / PSR

Exposure Area

Up to 610mm x 762mm | Up to 24” x 30”


Dry Film : 15µm/15µm | 0.6mil/0.6mil (L&S)
Soldermask : min Dam 60µm | 2.4mil

Light Engine

ColliLight™ 5kW & 8kW
Mach 5®


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